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The Beauty Behind the Beanie


A relatively simple concept is taking on a life of its own at over 700 different schools across the country. Two college students wanted to “improve the lives of children battling cancer” so they created a buy-one-give-one sales model for their hats back in 2012. For every hat they sold, a child battling cancer would receive a hat as well. For the last four years, people like Dickinson State University freshman Paige Lillis have fallen in love with Love Your Melon products, so much so that they take on the mission of the company founders. “I loved the idea I could help impact a child or multiple children with cancer so I started the process to making the DSU LYM campus crew,” she said.

Despite being just weeks into her college journey, Lillis was inspired to bring attention to what she thinks is a worthy cause to the Dickinson community. “This September I saw on Facebook and Instagram LYM ads that were inviting college students to create their own LYM campus crew at their university. I’ve always thought their hats and other apparel were adorable and loved that half the proceeds go to pediatric cancer research, and giving LYM hats to children with cancer,” Lillis explained. Knowing she could not do it alone, Lillis turned to classmate Danna Hanks for help, “Paige introduced me to LYM and asked me if I would be interested in creating a campus crew. I told her I was in.” Hanks said.

Love Your Melon’s founders had the satisfaction of seeing their hard work bring smiles to children’s faces despite the children’s poor bill of health. Dickinson State University students have created a “campus crew” in hopes of enjoying a similar experience. Every time a Love Your Melon purchase is made, the buyer has the opportunity to support a campus crew.  “Our crew’s goal is to reach 250 credits so we are able to visit a local child in the area and give them their own LYM hat.” Lillis said.

In order to achieve their goal, Lillis and her campus crew have been working to spread the story behind the hat. “Our campus crew just like the hundreds around the nation, promote Love Your Melon in their own university and communities. By promoting the product and the cause we are able help raise funds for pediatric cancer.” Lillis explained. In addition to campus crew’s receiving credits, half of the net proceeds from any Love Your Melon sale go towards fighting pediatric cancer.

The Dickinson State University Campus crew is an eclectic group of students passionate about brightening local children’s days. “In our DSU crew we have a majority of Theodore Roosevelt Honors and Leadership Program Scholars including myself, Vice President Danna Hanks, Secretary Aimee Molina, Seth Moerkerke, Kaler Ray, Kayla Bohn, Elle Milohov, Sierra Pica, and Ellie Hanser. Other members include Public Relations Manager Jade Derby, Kennedy Hildrebrand, Sarah Novasio, Reagan Olson, Aaric Spring, and Hudson Buck.” Lillis listed.

While helping children is the campus crew’s end goal, they are finding additional personal benefits along the way. “By starting the LYM crew I have had a chance to meet many wonderful and caring people around campus who share the interest to help others,” the freshman from Mandan explained. “For me LYM gives me have the opportunity to work with great people towards a common goal. I felt motivated to get involved not only on campus but within the community as well,” fellow freshman Hanks added. “It has also given me a chance to meet others in the community, a new sense of responsibility, and a chance to be a part of something bigger than myself.” Lillis said.

With the Holiday season right around the corner, consider all the benefits of purchasing a Love Your Mellon Product. Just one purchase makes for a great present while fighting pediatric cancer and helping Dickinson State University students accomplish their goal. If you are interested in supporting Lillis and the rest of the DSU Campus Crew visit and explore the wide variety of products for men, women, and children. In order for the DSU Campus Crew to receive credit for the items in the cart, there will be a promo saying, “Select a Campus Crew to Support” then type in/click on “Dickinson State University Campus Crew” and order (By selecting DSU the campus crew receives one credit for each item, none of the products nor the money goes through DSU). Additionally, folks can stay up to date on the happenings of the DSU Campus Crew as they work towards their goal through the following social media pages: Facebook: @DSULYMCrew Instagram:@DSULoveYourMelon and Twitter: DSU_LYMCrew.

Dickinson State University is a special place because it has always had students like the cohort that makes up the DSU Campus Crew. Students that go above and beyond to make someone else’s life a little bit better. “I think that Paige assembling this campus crew has made DSU a better place,” Hanks said, and it would be awfully tough to find anyone to disagree.